Philosophy | ธรรม



Why was I born? Where will I go when I die? Why are my circumstances like they are?
What did the Buddha discover? How will that help me?

If you have pondered questions like these, then read on…

The Citta is one’s true essence – the Buddha nature. It has no physical shape or form. Nor does it have the other mental characteristics of feelings, perceptions/memories, thoughts and consciousness. It was not created and it does not die.

The Citta is by its nature bright and illuminating, but in un-Enlightented ones is obscured by the defilements. While Mindfulness and Wisdom is still weak these defilements of the mind – Greed/Wanting, Anger/Irritation and Ignorance/Not knowing the way things really are – continue to rule over us and so we commit all kinds of wrong actions that perpetuate and increase the tarnish hiding the Citta and we continue in the endless cycles of birth and death, faring on according to the accumulated ledger of wholesome and unwholesome actions we commit with intention.